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Data Recovery

It is a known fact that the implementation of a DISASTER RECOVERY PLAN is an expensive and timeous project, although it is crucial for any business to implement effective Disaster Recovery Planning/Procedures to prevent the loss of important computer system data and to survive minor to major disasters. We specialise in Disaster Recovery Planning and the recovery of lost data. Therefore our extensive experience is based on exposure to many different data loss situations.

With our involvement on implementing DRP for many organisations from small to large corporate companies, we’ve learnt that DRP requirements differ vastly from company to company. To make DRP implementation more affordable to companies, we’ve designed a DRP DOCUMENTATION TEMPLATE that enables companies to simply adjust the contents of the documentation template to suit their specific requirements.


Cloud Hosting Solutions

We deliver cloud solutions for the modern business era.

Ithemba IT Services offers a full spectrum of cloud services that are tailor-made according to your business requirements helping your business maximise the benefits of cloud technology. 

Cloud services are platforms, software, or infrastructure that are online based. Cloud services allow the storage of files and data in a centralised and secure web location, with access that can be monitored and restricted to your employees and collaborators. Cloud services is also known as cloud computing, it allows for movement of documents from hardware such as phones, laptops and servers, to an online server and back. This data then becomes accessible across multiple devices via apps or web browsers.

What we do:

  • Cloud change management 
  • Cloud migration
  • Cloud optimization
  • Cloud infrastructure services
  • Cloud security

Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services means that we take care of all the daily IT issues that arise on your network, in the cloud, and with your individual users.

We use world-class monitoring tools to keep an eye on your network 24/7. We keep your data backed up, safe and secure. We maintain inventory lists, warranty expiries, software versions, and we let you know when it’s time to add, replace or improve your hardware and software investment.

Our Help Desk, best in-class support tools and rigorous processes together with our skilled technical team, means you’ll receive a consistently high level of IT management, security and support that truly delivers the results you need, expect and deserve.

For the finance people, our fixed fee model means no more unanticipated IT budget surprises – just predictable service at a predictable price.

The net result, you have more time to focus on your business, you significantly reduce your IT spend – you enjoy a higher standard of IT satisfaction than you’ve ever seen before.

Just ask any of our clients – call us, we’ll give you a name.. in fact…we’ll give you 100 plus names!!

Network Cabling

A solid and long-lasting data cabling network begins with design.

With us, our network cabling services involve an in-depth analysis of your organizations needs and its IT infrastructure, in order to create a structured cabling network that will serve as an overall platform to satisfy your information and communication needs for today and tomorrow.

We are one of the foremost designers for data cabling networks, for small to large scale businesses. We have designed and installed data cabling networks for hundreds of organizations. Not only meeting their bandwidth needs but providing a data cabling network that enhances the speed at which they do business.

Whether you need a new structured cabling solution or a communications room rescue, we provide intricate industry-leading designs and carefully implemented systems that are guaranteed to give your business an unparalleled data cabling network infrastructure.

Resourcing IT Hardware & Software

Ithemba IT Services provides high quality IT professionals and technical experts that meet your staffing and project needs. Through staff augmentation and engagement oversight, we support your short or long-term project milestones. By understanding your culture, personality, and technical requirements, we efficiently find the seasoned professionals you need.

We give you flexible options and a virtual branch of resources for both large and small scale projects.

We offer our client’s an opportunity to work with our highly experienced technical staff in the most cost-effective manner. You can hire our technical staff to assist you with short-term IT projects on contract basis and have the flexibility to convert the contracts to a permanent hire.

To avoid any unplanned downtime, you can utilize our services for immediate availability of our technicians, for a required platform, over your technical staff vacation period, any short-term IT projects for a few months, or permanent tech placements under Annual Support Contracts.

For permanent placements, we start our association by trying to understand your business targets and the gaps between your present and future state.

We see ourselves as an integral co-operator in our local economy and we take great pride in our role by trying to place the right people, in the right jobs, at great companies.

Managed Endpoint
Detection and Response (EDR)

Did you know 82% of all cyber-attacks are not discovered with traditional Antivirus solutions? 

Criminals have more tricks to break into your systems, watch over your shoulder, capture your keystrokes or encrypted files. All to ask for ransom. We can ask you to pay attention, not to go to wrong websites and not to open attachments of suspicious emails, however a human error is quickly made.

EDR is an integrated endpoint security solution with increased detection, investigation and response capabilities.

Why is Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) the best choice now for your IT security and business continuity?

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Help prevent ransomware by rolling back devices
to their pre-infection state.

Use artificial intelligence (AI) to detect and prevent
both current and emerging threats, with continual
updates to the platform.

Monitor processes before, during, and after
execution, to prevent new threats from slipping in.

Monitor your systems in real-time.

Keep device performance fast with
continual monitoring.

Anti-Virus Solutions

Can’t roll back to a pre-infection state, increasing
your ransomware risks.

Use signatures to identify threats, meaning
capabilities lag behind cyber-attackers’
latest strategies.

Fly blind during execution, creating an entry point
for new threats from savvy attackers.

Rely on daily or weekly scans, increasing
your risks.

Can slow down your device performance with
long scans.

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